Our Motivation: Communication without restrictions

Network communications are shaping our lives more than ever before, they are one of the keys to the future. And it is our ambition to help shape that future, given that the demands of our IT society are increasing:

Data and information exchange

More and more: data volumes are soaring as more and more information is exchanged

Faster and faster: bandwidths are increasing, with everyone wanting high-speed

Global Network

Further and further: IP is turning the world into a global village as networks span the entire planet

Always ON new Standard

Available at all times: information is a highly perishable commodity, and "always ON" is the new standard

R&M helps people and organizations to communicate without restrictions. It's what we do. It's our passion. We see our job as making the very foundations of any network, i.e. passive cabling, as stable as possible. Everything we do is geared towards maximizing the per-formance and reliability of the communication infrastructure. Our passion for technology and innovation flows into our product development and manufacture. Every day, our exacting quality standards call for the very highest performance from our own production and from our suppliers. Our people on-site guarantee an excellent service, whether it involves delivery deadlines, technical advice or project management. And always with the aim of creating convincing cabling solutions.