Our company acts globally and achieves sustained growth. People who enjoy working in a dynamic environment where they have a lot of personal responsibility and freedom of action feel at home at our company. Respect, honesty and humility are the values that count at R&M.

Our employees are proactive and courageously blaze new trails. They can constantly grow and develop thanks to the practical initial and continuing education and training programs offered at our R&M Campus. We are clearly customer oriented in our approach. This added value is the secret to our success. It is based on closeness to the customer, enthusiasm and innovative ways of thinking. We gain that all important edge by constantly looking for ways of improving ourselves. Thinking and acting along with our colleagues is a key to success.

What distinguishes R&M and its employees?

Willingness to achieve

We want to surpass the competition by gearing our company management to the customers and to solid business practices. We offer our customers solutions worldwide that meet the highest standards for products, quality and service.

Clear customer orientation

Customer orientation is a decisive factor at R&M. Our success stems from the added value customers derive from our systems and solutions. Our customers are enthusiastic about our proximity to them and our innovative ways of thinking. By constantly looking for ways to improve, we gain a decisive edge, for ourselves and our customers.

Exemplary staff development – R&M Campus

We do everything we can to ensure that our employees can make optimum use of and fully develop their skills and talents. The greater our success on the market becomes, the bigger will be the development opportunities for employees and the company. We consider practical initial and continuing education and training vital.

Hundred percent teamwork

The overall performance is what counts. That is why we so value an optimum interplay between and within our teams and departments. This foundation creates mutual respect while encouraging candid and direct communication and constructive conflict resolution.