R&M integrates Marketing into the Management Board

Andreas Rüsseler

Andreas Rüsseler becomes new CMO/Strengthened market position in fiber-optic cabling sector/Customer focus and international markets


Wetzikon, 31, May 2012

The specialist cabling company R&M is adding a new member to its management board to represent the marketing department. Andreas Rüsseler (44) is the new CMO at the Wetzikon-based company. He comes this new position at R&M having previously held a number of different posts in the telecommunications industry. According to CEO Hans Hess: “Andreas is a proven industry expert, with over 15 years’ experience working in the fiber-optics sector.” Andreas Rüsseler trained at Deutsche Telekom before obtaining a diploma in telecommunications engineering. Through further part-time study he has also obtained an MAS in business administration and engineering. In his previous roles, Mr Rüsseler has been responsible for the development, marketing and sales of the complex fiber-optic systems used in computing centers, local data networks and blanket broadband services.

“With Andreas Rüsseler on the board we will be able to quickly strengthen our leading position as a top provider of innovative fiber-optic solutions. Our key aim is to expand our foothold in the international market,” explains Hans Hess. The decision to appoint Andreas Rüsseler underlines R&M’s ambition to become a top provider of high-quality fiber-optic cabling solutions. Recalling his first impressions of R&M, Andreas Rüsseler says that he was “amazed by R&M’s high level of expertise in the area of fiber-optic technologies. Fiber-optic products are developed and produced here by some of the world's leading experts. Now our task is to raise our market profile.”

“Having taken some effective measures over the last few months to increase efficiency, we now want to concentrate more on our customer focus. The appointment of our first ever CMO is a step in that direction,” explains Hans Hess. Before taking up his post at the R&M head office in Wetzikon, Andreas Rüsseler visited the various branches abroad, providing marketing support for the sales teams. In Andreas Rüsseler's words: "We want there to be close cooperation between marketing and sales right from the start." He believes that R&M meets all the necessary criteria to exploit the huge potential offered by the growth of fiber-to-the-home networks and the demand for new computing centers. In his opinion, R&M is the ideal size and has the right kind of organization to achieve a high level of customer focus throughout the company.