R&M Reveals the Secrets of Pyramids and Football Stadiums

42nd Edition of the Swiss Cabling Specialists' Customer Magazine / Specialist Information for Network Designers and a World Record in Glass-fiber Technology / Growing Importance of the Electronic Magazine www.connections.rdm.com

Wetzikon, April 03. 2012

A pyramid in R&M's new Cat. 6A ISO connection module achieves unique shielding effects. What's behind this? A number of Euro 2012 soccer stadiums and every Primera División ground in Spain can guarantee the most secure data transmission possible. But how? You can find this out and much more in the latest edition of Connections, the R&M customer magazine. The 42nd edition will shortly be released and will report on key trends and developments in the world of communications cabling.

The key topic covered in the 42nd issue of Connections will be the innovative Cat. 6A technology – the most powerful copper cabling solution the world has ever seen. This solution has already set new benchmarks in computing centers and is now finding its way into building and office cabling infrastructure. In the cover story, Stefan Ries, R&M Vice President for Private Networks, will be informing network designers and installers on applications for Cat. 6A in office networks. He will be presenting R&M's high-end solutions for shielded and unshielded office cabling and will pinpoint the criteria required to ensure a flexible, long-lasting installation.

Anyone involved in the design of glass-fiber networks for computing centers, cities or local areas, will also find important news and reference material in Connections No. 42. The magazine will introduce five different product innovations from the fiber-optic sector and will report on a world record in glass-fiber technology recently set by R&M. The expert interview will discuss how towns and cities can plan and work towards implementing fiber-to-the-home solutions (FTTH).

What should people look out for in life? Life's not just about having the best technology. For a number of years now, Martin Reichle has been writing personal and contemplative articles for Connections to share with us his priorities in life. This time he is going to use a famous polar bear as a role model to illustrate his outlook.

The R&M Connections magazine is published in three languages in a print run of 20,000 copies. It is distributed to R&M partners and customers all over the world, from Western Europe to the Far East. It will also be possible to read the articles online at a later date when they appear in the virtual magazine, E-Connections. (www.connections.rdm.com). The e-magazine is becoming increasingly popular and is developing into a useful directory for user reports, technical background information and trend reports.