Products in Focus

RJ45 patch cords: Greater selection and top quality

The product range is expanding and now has a new structure that covers customers’ requirements even more effectively. RJ45 copper patch cords from R&M are now available in two product lines. The flexible, tried and tested high-end program is still available in all configurations for applications with the highest requirements. The new Easy Line (EL) program offers the cabling solution for LAN applications where standards compliance is the typical requirement. Both product lines boast top quality and the highest degree of performance reserve.

New Trunk Cable ThinCompact Cat. 6A

The most flexible customizable cabling solution on the market, meets today’s enterprise and data center requirements

The Angled Panels, the direct Way to efficiency

With two R&M Angled Panels, they now have an alternative to classic, straight patch panels. The angled panels increase the efficiency of the installation, the use of space and patching. Everything on the rack becomes easier and more direct, and thus more reliable, flexible and cost-effective.

R&M HD TAP Module: Integrated, inteliPhy-ready passive optical TAP solution

R&M is introducing a new HD Traffic Access Point (TAP) Module. This enables ongoing monitoring of network and application performance using passive optical tapping that is fully integrated into the structured cabling infrastructure.

GSC dome splice closures – a splice solution for outdoor fiber optic cabling

Small, sturdy and always complete. That is what you can expect from the R&M family of GSC dome splice closures. This economical and pragmatic solution for smaller to medium-sized fiber optic networks is always delivered with all the necessary installation materials. Everything is there, from shrink tubes for cable inlets to splice protectors.

Second Generation of FibereasyRack and UniRack

The FibereasyRack 2 and UniRack 2 have a capacity for the termination of to 48 fibers in one 19’’ unit. The highlight is the steplessly extendable loose tube tray in which cables and pigtails are deposited separately

Splice and Patch Solution for ETSI Racks and 19’’ Racks

With the ODF-SCM distribution system from R&M, fiber optic networks can undergo unlimited modular growth. Along with the ETSI-conforming platform, there is now also the splice and patch solution for 19’’ racks.

Cat. 6A EL – Solution for Structured Cabling for Buildings

The Cat. 6A EL module from R&M combines easy handling and Swiss quality standards with unbeatable value for the money.

FO Field

Field terminable connectors simplify many FO installations as no splicing is needed. Furthermore installation engineers require hardly any tools to assemble the FO Field from R&M.

R&M release SFP+ Direct Attach: 10G;
copper cable for next-generation DCs

R&M introduces new line of small-form high speed copper assemblies to meet today’s data, energy and environmental needs

The 1U patch panel: fast, light and highly compact

A new generation in the rack. R&M has developed a new patch panel family for the 1-height unit / 24-port segment. Your added value: compact and light construction, snap-in technology ensuring swift installation and high functionality. The connection modules are horizontally arranged in a row.

High Density on the Street

Fiber optic cabling is spreading all the time. And the extension of broadband networks is progressing. Outdoor distributors and street cabinets need more capacity for FTTC and FTTH. R&M has the solution.

New Venus-SCM family

Venus SCM FXXL, FXL and FLA2 for up to 864 fibers The Venus SCM family is an efficient distributor platform for larger units. It has space for 864 splice connections.

Absolute Control over all Ports with R&MinteliPhy

R&MinteliPhy marks the beginning of a whole new era for network managers. Now, they can also manage their physical IT infrastructure fully automatically in real time. And they need neither special cables nor new patch panels. R&MinteliPhy is the intelligent, retrofittable solution for automated infrastructure management in data centers, company facilities and structured building cabling.

New polarity method S for simple migration

A new modular cabling system helps data centers to pave the way to 10 and soon also to 40 and 100 Gigabit Ethernet: the HD MPO System from R&M. This multi-fiber solution sets standards for port density and efficient use of space, for flexibility and safety as well as for convenient planning and installation. The HD MPO Module is the core product. It is a forward-looking connectivity platform that ingeniously simplifies upgrades and migrations.

MTP® Trunk Cables - The 12-Fiber Interconnect Solution

Data centers are at the heart of the enormous quantities of data that are transmitted, stored and processed today, and optical networks are essential for data centers to ensure sufficient bandwidth to do so.

E-2000™ - even more compact

The new generation of the high-performance adapter E-2000™ (LSH) Compact is smaller and at the same time even more stable. So it is making a lot of users’ dreams come true by providing higher packing density.