Planning Tools

Link Loss Calculator

Use this worksheet to enter values for all variables that will impact your Fibre Channel or Ethernet system performance. It will calculate your total link loss and tell you if your system falls within R&M’s recommended guidelines.

LAN Speed Comparison Applet

LAN Speed Comparison Applet

With the R&M LAN Speed Comparison Applet are the most important Transmission Protocols made visually comparable.

GOF MM Grade Selector

GOF MM Grade Selector

One of the main challenges in planning optical networks is the calculation of the optical budget. Losses are to be understood as the sum of all the losses caused by connectors and fibers within a communication channel. With the R&M GOF MM (Glas Optical Fibre Multimode) Grade Selector this calculation is available at the push of a button.

Cable Tray Calculator

These tools are developed as a guide to assist business partners with planning, design, installation and maintenance of structured cabling projects in accordance with general international standards, applicable at the time.

Certificate finder - Copper

With our database "Certificate finder - Copper" we made a tool available which allows responsible planners and IT infrastructure managers to access our most important certificates.

Technical Specification – Data Center Cabling

We have created this simple but powerful tool to create project specific tender documents.

Power over Ethernet Calculator

To help you in the planning and installation of future proof cabling, R&M developed the “PoE Calculator”.