GOF MM Grade Selector

One of the main challenges in planning optical networks is the calculation of the optical budget. Losses are to be understood as the sum of all the losses caused by connectors and fibers within a communication channel.

With the R&M GOF MM (Glas Optical Fibre Multimode) Grade Selector this calculation is available at the push of a button. After the required application (Fibre Channel or Ethernet) is selected, the form with the appropriate fiber type and the required channel length is completed. Because connectors are always involved in a communication channel, the required number needs to be provided. 

The R&M Grade Selector calculates the resulting Connector Loss Budget. It further indicates what kind of quality R&M recommends to use. While Singlemode grades have been defined in various standards, the definition of Multimode Grades is an R&M internal product classification. The calculations are based on the worst case method. If you need further information based on other calculation methods including the Monte Carlo method, feel free to contact us. R&M is looking forward to supporting you in order to select the cabling system that best fits your requirements.

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Attenuation calculation

Connector type Grade Connections in link 100% 95% 50%
Cumulative probability
Allocated connection attenuation