Martin Reichle

  • Co-owner Reichle Holding
  • Longtime CEO and Vice-President of the Board of Directors of R&M today

Peter Reichle

  • Co-owner Reichle Holding
  • Longtime COO and Member of the Board of Directors of R&M today
  • President of the Board of Directors of the real estate company RIAG

The Pioneering Stage:

Reichle & De-Massari

The founders Hans Reichle and Renato De-Massari

In 1964, Reichle & De-Massari AG (R&M) was founded by Hans Reichle & Renato De-Massari. Since then the R&M Group, as part of Reichle Holding, has developed into an international company with more than 1200 employees.

Ownership Structure:

Since 1999 all shares have been tied up in Reichle Holding and are held in their entirety by the Reichle family. At the end of 2014, Peter and Martin Reichle took over the shares of founder Hans Reichle and are now the sole owners of Reichle Holding. Reichle Holding, in turn, holds 100% of the shares for the R&M Group and the real estate company RIAG. This step has ensured the independence and future development of the family business.

Core Values and Culture:

The Reichle Group has been working to clear core values for over 50 years, both within the company itself and with respect to customers and partners. These values are honesty in business, mutual respect in dealings with one another, and modesty in appearance. This includes the corporate responsibility towards society and the environment under the umbrella term Corporate Social Responsibility. This provides a foundation of trust, which enables the long-term success of the family business.