Connections 56 Magazine Cover

The cloud providers haven’t actually finished building their gigantic data centers yet but there already appears to be a new megatrend just around the corner: edge computing - the transfer of processing power to the edge of the cloud. Why does the world now need an amazing number of edge data centers in addition to what is already available? The latest issue of R&M's specialist magazine CONNECTIONS no. 56 takes an in-depth look at precisely that question. 

R&M, the globally active developer and provider of cabling systems for high-quality network infrastructures, based in Wetzikon, Switzerland, says: «The central mega data centers in the cloud are not a cure-all for the requirements of the digital world.» For example, the cloud would be too slow to be able to steer self-driving cars through traffic without the risk of an accident. 

R&M is expecting edge computing to become a promising business model for a whole range of market players. For example, regional network operators and utilities, traffic carriers, trade, media, IT and real estate companies, but also for towns. The report by Market Manager Dr. Thomas Wellinger shows decision makers the most important strategic and technical requirements of edge data centers and includes a number of criteria to be considered when it comes to planning and looking for the right site. 

The controversial progress of artificial intelligence

CONNECTIONS no. 56 provides further trend articles on highly topical subjects. Guest author Dr. Lars Jäger clarifies how things are progressing in terms of artificial intelligence (AI). This is consolidated with an article by Product Manager Reinhard Burkert who looks at how AI and good connectivity complement each other. R&M Market Manager Richard Schöbel explains why 5G services are dependent on high-density FO networks to the antenna sites (Fiber to the Antenna, FTTA). And Market Manager Matthias Gerber takes a look at the revolutionary potential of slimline building cabling with Single Pair Ethernet (SPE). 

Those responsible for networks are increasingly discovering that there is no longer sufficient space for the cabling. The latest specialist magazine from R&M also presents the new high-density solutions from R&M for data centers, campus networks, FTTH networks, and building connections. Six case studies report on successful installation projects. Among other things, R&M has recently installed networks in two exceptional hotels in Poland and in Australia.

About R&M

R&M (Reichle & De-Massari AG) is a globally active group of companies in the information and communication technology sectors, based in Wetzikon, Switzerland. The company develops, manufactures and sells future-proof products and systems for communication and data networks. Thanks to its innovative strength, R&M now covers the entire connectivity range alongside network cabling. R&M network solutions can be used in LAN, telecommunication, Fiber to the Home and data centers. The family company founded in 1964 has its own production plants in 13 locations.