Voices from R&M


I have worked at R&M since 2009. During my time here, my team and I have successfully repositioned the HR department within the business. My role in the Executive Board underlines the importance of employee representation at the highest level. As a woman, it is not always easy to assert yourself in a male-dominated sphere, but I will continue to rise to this challenge in the future.

Marilena Della Casa

My work is exciting and I have felt right at home with R&M for many years. Above all, I value the flexible working time model, which makes it possible for me to balance my family life and my work.

Nevenka Djotlo
Manual Assembly

I joined R&M in 1999 and since then have enjoyed substantial professional development, taking on the role of project manager in 2009. Throughout the years my job has been consistently exciting, diverse, and challenging. Time and again I see how R&M employees really put their heart and soul into their daily work, ensuring that the company remains on the road to success.

Oliver Eckstein
Senior Project Manager

At R&M I have the opportunity to build close relationships with international customers and meet their needs and requirements with high-quality cabling solutions. Working with colleagues across the world to address these challenges and provide solutions is also a source of cultural enrichment.

Martin Kellenberger
Head of Consultancy

I am glad that I can actively apply my general and specialist knowledge and extensive professional experience when working with the Executive Board, as this really enriches my work.

Jeannette Wohler
Executive Board Assistant


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