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Products in Focus


Performance products are the core of every solution.

We present new and unique products that give you a clear advantage in speed, availability, flexibility and cost control.


FM45 Now also Available as a Cat. 6A Connector

Cat. 6A is the "magic formula" for top performance in RJ45 copper connectivity technology

The new E-2000™ Adapter from R&M

The new design highlights and the technical improvements

LC Duplex Adapter

High precision in the tiniest of spaces – R&M's newly designed family of LC Duplex adapters comes right from the factory with everything included

RJ45 patch cords: Greater selection and top quality

R&M is expanding its range of RJ45 patch cords for LAN environments

Trunk Cable ThinCompact Cat. 6A

Superior performance, fast deployment

Angled Panels

 The direct Way to efficiency

R&M HD TAP Module

Integrated, inteliPhy-ready passive optical TAP solution

FibereasyRack and UniRack

The Second Generation

GSC dome splice closures

A splice solution for outdoor fiber optic cabling