We are engineers and pride ourselves on fiber innovation and IoT-enabled network infrastructure.

Our technical experts can work globally with you, designing the cutting-edge solution for your customers’ networks.

What sets us apart from almost all other network infrastructure providers is the willingness and capability to adapt to your customers' individual needs.


  • As engineers we pride ourselves on fiber innovation and IoT-enabled network infrastructure custom-designed solutions rapidly delivered.
  • Our white papers and technical documentation help you to convince your clients for next generation solutions.
  • Dedicated account manager and team to serve your client globally.

Custom Design

R&M work very closely with our customers. We see engineering as a means to solve the hardest but the most meaningful problems for them. And we have an engineering department across the globe that is willing to tackle these problems.

Our extensive product range can be customized to provide you with innovation-driven, high-quality solutions.

We leverage state-of-the-art design and rapid prototyping techniques, with testing and quality approval in our R&M LAB, we can get an industrialized product within several weeks.

The dedicated team of experts support hyperscale customers at all stages of the configuration of their fiber optic solution.

Supply Chain

R&M’s Global Production Sites

Decentralized Production – Swiss Quality.

R&M Hyperscale Supply Chain

Products for Hyperscale