Recovering in comfort in a protected environment following successful treatment. The patient room must be equipped to cater for this objective. Hospitals need a series of reliable, durable and user-friendly network connections for medical equipment, diagnostic devices, call systems, Internet, multimedia and telecommunication at the patient's bedside.

These cabling components typically stay in place when patients change and potentially pose a risk of infection through contact with cables and outlets. The antibacterial range R&MhealthLine lets hospitals reduce the risk of cross-contamination between patients while simultaneously extending IT risk management to include the area of hygiene. These products represent a complete and consistent solution for the whole network infrastructure that can be touched by the user in patient rooms and comparable, highly frequented areas of use.

The R&MhealthLine range offers the same installation and user-friendliness as standard products and fits into the R&Mfreenet range. The range includes

  • Outlets with RJ45 jacks
  • Elements from the R&M security system
  • Shielded Cat. 6A and unshielded Cat. 6 patch cords

A special additive in the plastic permanently inhibits bacteria and germs from colonizing surfaces. All parts accessible to patients have antibacterial properties tested to ISO 22196.