The network structure of industry LAN is identical to office cabling (ISO/IEC 11801, EN 50173-2, TIA 568), which simplifies planning, installation and use. However, international standards (ISO/IEC 24702, EN 50173-3, TIA 1005) pose tough requirements on components for structured cabling in production and automation. These must meet stricter requirements in order for them to be suitable for operation in industrial environments. The increased safety and security requirements and the mechanical, chemical, climatic and electromagnetic resilience are defined according to the MICE table. 

Protecting the connections against moisture and dust penetration also plays a pivotal role. High-precision, robust solutions are required here, such as those specially developed by R&M for industrial applications. 

Another sensitive area is the contacting of the wires in connectors and connection modules. As the technology leader in insulation displacement connection (IDC), R&M has the most reliable systems at its disposal. These guarantee permanent, interference-free, high-availability data transmission.