R&M offers two system solutions that impress in particular when it comes to saving space:

  • Copper-based cabling → RMS45 system (cable sharing)
  • Fiber-optic cabling → POL (Passive Optical LAN)

One installation cable is all that is required for supplying a passenger cabin. Thanks to the RMS45 cable-splitting system, the services on the individual pairs can be accessed individually via the outlet installed in the cabin and connected to the end devices. The RMS45 connectors (1-pair; 2-pair) are thus PoE-capable to 90 W.

The system properties of POL are tailor-made for use in cabin cabling:

  • Small footprint for the fixed installation
  • Data is not influenced as a result of electromagnetic fields
  • Data transfer reserves for a system update (e.g. higher data rates) → the fixed installation doesn’t have to be replaced
  • Costs comparable with an analog, copper-based installation

POL is rounded off by the use of FO Field connectors, meaning pre-defined, pre-assembled cables are not necessary. This ensures a flexible reaction can be made to unforeseen restrictions during the installation.

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