Cable contact ↔ plug-in components (connection module or connector):
The undefined contacting (position, retention force) of the cable in the plug-in components can lead to a loss of contact when exposed to vibration.
R&M recommends using only IDC-contacted plug-in components (connection module, connector, patch cable). IDC-contacted connections are stable and resistant to vibrations, and also protect the connectors from fluctuating temperatures and moisture.

Connection module ↔ Plug:
The vibration resistance of a plugged connection is defined by the contacting stability of the contacts in the connection module and connector.
The RJ45 contacts in R&M plug-in components are optimally spring-loaded and designed to cope with high mechanical loads.

Fiber-optic plug-in components are less sensitive than copper due to their lower mass.
FO plug-in components from R&M impress thanks to their extremely narrow mechanical tolerances and high levels of dimensional stability when exposed to climatic influences.