Operators of public networks are making rapid advances in the transition to a gigabit society.

R&M supports them in their efforts with commercially viable fiber optic solutions for the design and construction of future-oriented broadband infrastructures. R&M, as a supplier of a large range of products all matched to work with each other, covers all network levels from the central office to the customer premises. Working together with you, we rely on our experience and expertise to plan cost-effective equipment for distribution sites, overall outside plant cabling along with profitable strategies for access networks. Our modular R&Mfoxs product line is also the flexible basis for individual FTTX topologies and future PON applications. Furthermore, R&M provides custom-tailored copper and fiber optic cabling systems for WAN, MAN, and CATV applications, for utilities, railroads and transportation systems as well as for city carriers and communities.

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Flexible and equipped for the future

  • Through a consistent modular approach and scalability, all options are open to you.
  • Networks can be adapted at any time to new market developments and site conditions.
  • R&M thinks ahead. Upcoming standards are already covered today

Innovative and reliable

  • Ingenious fast-assembly technology reduces installation time by as much as 30%.
  • Error-free handling and high operational reliability thanks to training and professional instruction.
  • Quality, prefabricated products, and reliability features increase availability.

Efficient and cost-effective

  • End-to-end compatible systems simplify planning, assembly, and operation.
  • The investments required are reduced by being able to purchase only what is needed to meet specific requirements but also having intelligent scalability in the network rollout.
  • Favorable Capex/Opex ratio, fully justifiable total cost of ownership

High-class networks

Communications networks have brought about permanent changes to our world. The thing that remains constant, though, is our desire for the best, most reliable way to exchange information with each other. This is an area where R&M is making a key contribution. We have set as our goal the development of the most advanced cabling technology for public and private networks.

Continuity and customer focus

Well-known public and private operators of data and communications networks have been placing their trust in R&M’s expertise for decades. Their trust is based on our sophisticated, powerful cabling solutions and the unceasing support we provide to our customers.

Networks «out of the box»

As a total supplier with an integrated systems approach for fiber optic and copper cabling, R&M works side-by-side with operators of public and private networks as they enter this new era. Our joint task is to supply customers with ultra-broadband infrastructures. To do this, R&M provides systems based on a building-block approach where an installation is intuitive and easy. The distribution and connection technology is modularly designed, and elements are matched to each other from a technical standpoint. This makes them extremely flexible and they can be put to use in an intelligent manner – meeting the specific requirements of the market and site.