Connection to High-Rises and Residential Complexes

A connection to one building can open the way to a large number of customers. Access providers can find appealing market opportunities for fiber optic packages in high-rises and large residential complexes. However, they need a scalable cabling system that can be easily adapted to the specific situation of the building. Above all, this system has to simplify fiber and subscriber management so that new subscribers or services can be added and connected quickly. The R&M flexible solutions for big buildings ensure success every time.

Cabling for Residential Buildings

If a network operator wants to supply a large number of small buildings with fiber optic connections, it needs extremely efficient and fast solutions. The task is to hook up entire housing developments in the shortest possible time. R&M has the right solutions, from the small Venus Box for the building entry point to the professional home network.

One highlight in the range is the field-terminable connector as an alternative to fusion splicing. It can be connected with fibers in no time at all.