Patch Cords

In the generic cabling, patch cords are used as agile link between the fixed cabling installation and the active equipment like Switches and Servers. Their importance for a reliable data transmission cannot be overrated. Especially for the mass product patch cord, reliability and performance stability are key features. For these reasons R&M pays a lot of attention on its patch cords. The R&Mfreenet RJ45 cords are equipped with the R&M designed RJ45 plug with IDC technology that allows for best in class signal to noise performance. Due to the unique plug design, the termination of the cable has hardly any influence on the achieved transmission performance and exceptional performance reserves can be reached. In addition the cords possess excellent handling properties: the small form factor of the plug allows for the usage even in constrained spaces and in fully populated panels. R&M patch cords come in shielded and unshielded versions that are part of the R&Mfreenet warranty system for guaranteed transmission performance, independent of category, type and length.