Starting as a small electrical appliance store in Sydney in 1961, Harvey Norman has since grown to be Australia’s leading retail chain with more than 195 stores across the country. The Australian-based retailer offers electrical, computer and entertainment goods, furniture and bedding. Over the past 12 years, Harvey Norman has expanded its presence with stores in Malaysia, Singapore, Slovenia, Ireland and New Zealand.

To allow for a better response time and to be prepared for future growth, Harvey Norman decided to colocate their primary IT systems in one of IBM’s Sydney Data Centers, as well as choosing the world’s leading carrier-neutral colocation company, Global Switch, to host their secondary IT infrastructure in downtown Sydney. Global Switch deploys and manages large-scale facilities for the colocation and hosting of missioncritical services to support the dynamic Internet, telecommunications and data markets.

As usual, I am very satisfied with the termination quality of R&M products.

Stuart Malmgron, Head of Business Development, Fredon Industries

Harvey Norman was looking for a highly reliable solution that was modular and future-proof for potential expansions. R&M’s copper solution with the innovative FM45 field terminable and toolless connector fulfilled this request. A further key product and major part of the contractor’s design was the R&M spacesaving, pre-tested 12-fiber MPO solution. The plug and play concept is perfect for extremely fast deployment, scaling and high packing densities. It accommodates up to 288 fibers within a three rack unit space.

Due to the very tight time frame, Harvey Norman needed reliable and competent service providers that R&M provided thanks to the strong partnership with distributor Madison Technologies. Teaming up with certified installer, Fredon Industries, allowed for ideal product selection and customization to meet Harvey Norman’s requirements. Greg Heise, Head of IT Procurement at Harvey Norman, was impressed: “These companies have been exceptional in the level of service they provided.”

Another key argument in favor of R&M was the factory-tested range of products. Not only the MPO fiber products, but each individual copper RJ45 is tested in a production environment before leaving the R&M facility. As a result, after proper installation and testing at the site by Fredon Industries, all copper connections were zero-defect. Stuart Malmgron, Head of Business Development, Fredon Industries: “As usual, I am very satisfied with the termination quality of R&M products. They are easy to install and save us time.”