A high-performance cabling network was built with R&M connectivity and cable assembling components of Cat. 6A ISO for the global supplier of technology and services in its new office in Kiev, Ukraine. The Bosch Group has been present on the Ukrainian market since 1993. The business has developed successfully in the region over the years. Today, Bosch is a leading provider of solutions for the automotive industry and aftermarket business, as well as for the industrial technology and household appliances markets in Ukraine.

The Bosch Group’s strategic objective is to deliver innovation for a connected life so corporate IT infrastructure requires an advanced connectivity system for efficient business. The R&Mfreenet Cat. 6A ISO solution ensures perfect performance, significant reserves and stable characteristics that guarantee a reliable and long-term basis for future development.

The new Bosch offices occupy an entire floor of the modern A class Silver Breeze Business Center in Kiev. The office space project was designed to ensure convenience and productive working. The open-space working area with collaboration and print zone, project room, classroom and board room is the perfect stage for outstanding business processes. Several meeting and conference rooms as well as the spacious reception contribute to successful negotiations. The company has also thought about employees’ recreation, providing them with a lounge zone, silence room, sport zone, kitchen and a number of coffee points.

Such infrastructures must be highly functional and need a reliable and high-performing IT network. The main goals and requirements of the project are to provide Wi-Ficompliant with IEEE 802.11ас and cable networks which can deliver 10 Gbit data and voice transmission. That is why the passive cabling network was built with R&Mfreenet connectivity of Cat. 6A ISO.

Limont Stanislav, Director of the NETWORK STANDARD company involved in the installation and commissioning of the network, says the hardest task of the project was the short time available for the installation process. Using R&M connection modules of Cat. 6A ISO and special tools for them made the process both easier and faster.

Commercial Director Antonov Alexander emphasizes that connectivity network tests show the excellent performance and significant characteristic reserve even in the case of short links.