Etisalat, a multinational Emirati-based telecommunications services provider, now operating in 16 countries across the Middle East, Africa, and Asia, is currently working closely with R&M to upgrade and extend its FTTH network with the innovative SYNO Dome Closure solution from R&M. This undertaking enables Etisalat to have one of the first patch-free connectivity solutions in the region, which translates to a resilient, tamper-proof network that increases the reliability and uptime of crucial connectivity services for both home and business users.

Esmaeel Alhammadi, Senior Vice President, Network Development, Etisalat: «With Etisalat’s corporate strategy focused on Driving the Digital Future to Empower Societies, the network forms a significant component of this digital transformation journey. Etisalat has continuously focused on investing in innovation and on next-generation technologies and services to expand and enhance the network.»

«This achievement signifies that we have maintained consistent leadership globally in FTTH penetration, setting a benchmark in the global telecom industry. It was only possible due to the continuous support and vision of the leadership of the UAE in the development and modernization of the infrastructure. Etisalat aims to further increase the quality of our FTTH network focusing on reliability, scalability, and flexibility.»

Etisalat’s new FTTH infrastructure is designed to support upcoming technologies and is highly adaptable.

Increased resilience

Before the upgrade, Etisalat utilized above-ground fiber cabinets, which required maintenance on a fortnightly basis. Not only was this time-consuming, but it also added to the risk of disruption of services due to the unintentional disconnection of fiber cables. The harsh conditions in the Middle East also meant that contamination and corrosion were both common challenges the service provider had to face. With such an extensive network, maintenance of the network was proving to be extremely challenging and a drain on its resources. The telco now employs a set-and-forget approach as the SYNO Dome’s gel cold seals conform to IP68, the industry’s highest ingress protection ratings, and require no maintenance. At the same time, the modular nature of the cabinet allows technicians to make modifications to the connections very easily, and with minimal risk to services of other customers.

By leveraging the SYNO Dome Closure, Etisalat has now moved the critical Fiber Distribution Hub (FDH) units underground, which is not only more aesthetically pleasing but has also greatly reduced the cost of civil contracting. The patch-free nature of the new systems eliminates the possibility of tampering or unintentional disconnection of cables.

A network for the future

Etisalat’s new FTTH infrastructure is designed to support upcoming technologies and is highly adaptable. For example, currently, industry-standard duct cables are being used, but as future systems, such as micro cables and micro ducts, become mainstream, they will be supported within the existing network and incorporated in future developments.

Etisalat received round-the-clock support and extended comprehensive training sessions to not just their staff, but partners and technology providers as well. This means that everyone involved in the deployment and maintenance of its FTTH network has the skills required to ensure it is truly world-class. It is with the support of technology partners such as R&M that the UAE is capable of leading the world with innovative future-ready projects.

R&M is proud to be a part of the FTTH projects that are shaping the future of the Middle East.