Allegiance Supply was founded by John McKinley, Capt. USMC (Ret.), as a disabled veteran company which specializes in selling communications hardware. The company is located in Encinitas, a town with a rich surfing history and beach culture that has been thriving since the mid-1900s. Allegiance Supply, along with R&M, has made significant inroads in selling to US military installations in the military bases on the US West Coast and in the Pacific Rim.

Part of Allegiance’s success is due to R&M’s ability to provide cost-effective, versatile, and high-performance connectivity product lines, such as the 4RU universal housing which will accept three different cartridge footprints.

This system allows maximum flexibility and it also lowers the customer’s inventory stocking requirements. 

The company has also had success with connectivity solutions, such as the pre-stubbed 3RU panel which was developed for Hyper-Scale Data Centers. Just like data centers, the Marines needed a fast to deploy connectivity solution which requires minimal human resources to implement. The pre-stubbed patching solution eliminates half the splicing and testing required on site.

«Ready for Duty»

Traditionally the military uses loose tube OSP cable designs. Like other high bandwidth users, they needed a solution for over-crowded ducts and systems which are quick to deploy and repair. Allegiance was instrumental in introducing R&M platforms utilizing ribbon technology to help alleviate their issues. Having ribbon specific platforms has given them a significant advantage over the competition.

Other attractive features include the robust aluminum construction, the ability to document, and the products’ flexibility. R&M USA’s Commercial-Off-The-Shelf (COTS) panels meet and exceed military specifications.

Allegiance Supply is a QPP certified partner and successfully resolves US military requirements with R&M’s products. Much of this success can be attributed to the founder’s past military experience and R&M’s ability to customize unique solutions in a timely manner. Thanks to partners like Allegiance Supply, R&M’s offerings will continue to gain traction and be «Ready for Duty».