Demand for bandwidth on the Internet doubles every 20 months. Users enjoy new services with increasing frequency for the sheer convenience of it all. These services range from IPTV or video on demand to online games or Internet storage of several personal data. Cloud applications and software as a service are becoming daily routines in offices and in the industry because they simplify processes. The media, trade and financial sectors send millions of data records around the globe every second to serve the markets.

Consequently, fast network connections are among the basic needs of the population in many countries. The choice of company sites increasingly depends on the availability of data highways. In the future, we can look forward to smart cities in which traffic, transport, energy, and information will be controlled intelligently, along with further Internet applications such as e-health, e-learning and e-government. The trend to the Gigabit Society requires even more powerful and stable networks with loss-free signal transmission.