Disconnection Module 10 pairs (20 mm)


10 pcs

Grid size: 20 mm.

Scope of Supply

  • VS Compact module, printed

  • Wiring tool "Mini Tool" (per 10 modules incl.)

  • Installation instructions (per 100 modules incl.)

Technical Data

Protection class IP

IP 20

VS version

disconnection module

VS system

VS Compact

Number of pairs 10
Grid size 20 mm / 0.8 in

With insulation displacement contacts (IDC), in compliance with IEC 60352-4. Suitable for wire diameters of 0.35 - 0.80 mm, for stranded wires of 7x 0.15 (AWG 26-24), contacts allow double wiring. The integral wire cutter ensures smooth wiring and cutting of wires. Plug connection for prints is provided at the back. Overvoltage and secondary protection for permanent personal and equipment protection can be plugged in at the front. Also features front contacts for disconnecting, testing and measuring.


  • Material module body: PC, fiberglass-reinforced, halogen-free

  • Contact material: spring bronze, gold-plated contact surface

  • Grid size: 20 mm

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