After a thorough evaluation, Raiffeisenbank in Prague had decided to completely modernize one of its data centers. Planning was virtually complete. And that was when the bank’s IT team was given the opportunity to experience the R&M cabling systems for data centers.

In a seminar, consultants from R&M demonstrated how easy it is to operate high-density patch panels from R&M. The participants discovered how cabling management can be automated. The IT experts from Raiffeisenbank were convinced by the new cabling system on the spot.

After a further presentation, there was only one way forward: «We want the best and most user-friendly solution available on the market.» From a technical point of view and in terms of smooth operations, R&M products were the only remaining choice. The consulting partner, IBM Česká Republika, spol. s r.o. supported this approach.

The bank changed its plans at short notice. It opted for the Ultra-High Density platform Netscale as a standard patch panel for the FO infrastructure. MPO trunk cables and patch cords with the LC QR connector from R&M connect the network sections. The copper infrastructure consists of a shielded Cat. 6A ISO products and high-density patch panels from R&M. With the support of the R&M partner truconneXion, a.s., the project was realized on schedule and within a tight time frame.
On the whole, the solution saves a lot of space, is easy to operate and reduces the level of investment long term. The free space is available for later extensions.

Ready for R&MinteliPhy

The planners opted for a new path in terms of infrastructure management. As they learned from R&M, automation offers a range of benefits for the future. The data center can thus be operated in a highly efficient manner.

And so they prepared the entire installation for the use of the monitoring system R&MinteliPhy. Ports and patch cords were equipped in such a way that they can be integrated into the monitoring system in a flash. To this end, R&M delivered pre-terminated trunk, breakout and copper cables. Great support was given by the R&MinteliPhy service partner VTG Engineering s.r.o.

The result: Raiffeisenbank can implement the infrastructure management system R&MinteliPhy in a second step without having to interrupt operations.