Just as the multimedia solutions and digital world we live in today are so varied, the cabling solutions from R&M for apartments and the private sphere are so flexible. Generic infrastructures can be created based on the R&Mfreenet cabling system that leaves nothing to be desired. 

The solutions comply with the EN 50173-4 standard for structured residential cabling and enable a classic star-shaped data cabling to be implemented. R&Mfreenet also offers solutions for star-shaped or bus-shaped coaxial cabling. The R&M multimedia outlet even brings the best of both worlds together: RJ45 ports for data and telecommunication and coaxial sockets for audio, video, satellite and cable television. 

The R&M program for residential cabling extends from the entry point for the building, floor or apartment to the interface with the public broadband system right up to the copper and fiber-optic socket. The simple construction of the distributor and connection solutions allows the customer to change their phone, Internet and TV supplier as they wish. R&M solutions are neither application nor provider-based. They support Triple Play and Open Access applications. 

The R&Mfreenet portfolio is tailored optimally to demands in the home and forms a reliable basis in order to cover the constantly changing and growing demands in this segment. Cabling solutions based on R&Mfreenet are not only the first choice when it comes to new residential cabling installations – but R&M also has solutions available for conversions, renovations and retrofitting.