R&M Academy

The R&M Academy is a series of comprehensive programs for R&M partners, associates and customers, designed to provide professional support for pre- and post-sales activities as well as installation, testing and maintenance.

More Quality

Not only is there a 100% quality control of the products, but also a 100% training, installation and testing support with R&M. Swiss service and precision in the design and value chain of your network.

More Competence

A global pool of highly competent experts trained and supported by the top-notch R&M Academy. Assuring all products are installed and tested according to the latest standards and best practices.

More Success

By giving the customer the ultimate piece of mind about his layer 1 infrastructure and providing perfect operational reliability and availability of the installation. We level the path to success for our customers.

Qualification through the R&M Academy training programs

Graduates from the R&M Academy receive an ID Card along with a certificate and unrestricted permission to install R&Mfreenet- and/or R&Mfoxs systems.

How to become an R&M Partner

Talk with the R&M market organization in your country. If you are serious about offering your customers products and installation work of impeccable quality, we are certain to come to an agreement.

Expertise and a good reputation

R&M Academy participants can receive continuing education credits (CEC) from the professional IT association BICSI (Building Industry Consulting Service International), which ensures that those already holding the RCDD receive a sizable CEC contribution towards their accreditation.

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