Sophisticated high-quality products can only live up to their potential if they are installed by experts and if the required performance headroom can be provided in a verifiable manner. With the new version of the "Installation and Test Guidelines," a standard reference for generic cabling systems has been developed.

The document provides 149 pages of detailed information on how to ensure efficient planning, installation, and certification of copper and optical fiber-based links. The chapters are ordered logically according to these three phases. The guidelines cover current topics PoE and PoLAN, provide information on approved certification measurement devices in the optical fiber and copper areas, and give practical information for working with state-of-the-art products and standards, such as Cat. 6A. These extensive guidelines also include measurement methods for OTDR and LSPM tests, and a detailed explanation of the approved test guidelines for the new optical fiber standard ISO 14763-3.

The document is designed for installers and system integrators, and forms part of the R&Mfreenet warranty program.

Über R&M

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