Providing individual connectivity services with respective bandwidths and SLAs that suit the user’s needs are a critical part of a colocation offering.

R&M offers the physical connectivity associated with service delivery to customer cabinets and also has the ability to offer design services associated with the network infrastructure in the cage and suite environment. These elements are critical when delivering a high-performance, reliable network infrastructure.

R&M Data Center Solutions Provide for:

  • Optimal optical raceway and cable management designs — cabinets with integrated vertical and horizontal cable management provide enhanced handling and more space for airflow; raceway design services already envision future moves, adds and changes.
  • Bandwidth-explosion-ready High-Performance Network Connectivity (HPNC) – best of breed OM4 optical fiber, Cat 6A twisted-pair and SFP+ direct attach technology meet the bandwidth requirements of upcoming Ethernet and Fibre Channel applications.
  • Automated infrastructure management that provides total visibility of the physical network – with R&MinteliPhy network managers can manage their physical infrastructure intelligently and fully automatic. With this revolutionary RFID-based system, data centers immediately improve capacity utilization, profitability, and availability.