During the three-day event, 155 speakers will share their experience and know-how about FTTH with you!

11 workshops and 14 conference sessions will cover a wide range of FTTH-related topics and unveil some exclusive data, such as the state of the market in Europe & worldwide.

This year’s product highlight

Polaris-Box 12 & 36 - The new members in the Polaris-family

Polaris Box 12 + 36

R&M is extending the FTTH range with the Polaris-Box 12 and the Polaris-Box 36. The deeper and larger variants of the Polaris-box are continuing the recipe for success: usable for a multitude of functions, innovative seal, protection class IP65, simple installation, individual equipment and high packing density. With the Polaris-boxes, FTTH providers can satisfy every typical need in the access area. The new housings are deeper so that a multitude of loose tubes and subscriber cables can be stored. Overlengths find plenty of space in the base. New, multi-part seals make it easier to insert the many cables. The splice and plug connectors are positioned on pivotable inlays.


  • Highest flexibility and transmission reliability
  • Easy network migration and expandability
  • One solution for several applications
  • Smart subscriber separation


  • Integrated overlength storage
  • Pivotable fiber inlay with a separated Splice and Patch area
  • Min. bending radius R30 mm
  • Up to 288 splice and 72 patch connections
  • Retrofitting up to 24 FMTS splice tray