R&M, the globally active developer and provider of cabling systems for high-quality network infrastructures is showing how every LED light is to have its own Internet address at light+building 2018. A central topic is structured cabling for smart office buildings, integrating Power over Ethernet and IP-based building functions into the LAN. Furthermore R&M will be presenting innovative installation technologies, high density distributors and solutions for FO connections of buildings. The world's leading show for light and building technology is taking place in Frankfurt from March 18 to 23, 2018. More than 2,600 exhibitors will be presenting innovations in lighting, electrical engineering as well as home and building control. An expert team from the German R&M subsidiary Reichle & De-Massari GmbH in Gummersbach will be advising visitors to the show at the 80-square-meter stand B.06 in Hall 11. 

As a leading cabling specialist, R&M is supporting the latest initiatives for the digital ceiling. The aim is to integrate the ceiling infrastructure into local data networks. Sensors and controls for LED lighting, air conditioning aFnd surveillance could be networked more simply with building services engineering and the Internet of Things. Functions and services that in the past have been run separately could now be brought together for the first time in the LAN. This would make it possible to automate office and building operations on the basis of Ethernet/IP. 

R&M has developed special solutions for digital ceiling cabling which can be installed both in new buildings and in renovated ones. Along with LAN cabling, they also contain the power supply for the end devices and decentral switches on the ceiling. Among other things, R&M is supporting the combination of the data connection and power supply for intelligent LED lighting (often called Connected Lighting or Smart Lighting). The LED lights are fed with power via data cables – referred to as Power over Ethernet (PoE). At the same time, the energy-saving lights are given an IP address in the LAN. They become part of the Internet of Things. WLAN antennas, cameras, security systems, small power units, smoke alarms, sensors for temperature, air and motion, LED screens (digital signage) and terminals could also be integrated into the Internet of Things in the same way.

Innovative and installation-friendly products, such as the R&M U-Box, are the heart of these cabling solutions for offices and functional buildings. The multifunctional, flat distributor housing can provide up to 24 data network or PoE connections as well as the 230V power supply. The U-Box acts as a platform for consolidation points (CP) in double floors and for service outlets (SO) on the ceiling in accordance with the EN 50173-6 standard. 

R&M is convinced that PoE is an essential basis for the Internet of Things and smart building technology. Powering the end devices via the LAN reduces the effort involved in installation and facilitates completely new kinds of applications. However, the electrical output transmitted increases because more end devices require more power and a constant supply. In future, up to 100 Watt will be flowing over all four twisted pairs (4PPoE). A driving force for 4PPoE is IEEE 802.11ac, the new standard for wireless access points (APs) in the 5-GHz band. 

Installation cables, contacts and connectors have to be specially designed to take these high currents. R&M has put together an appropriate range and guarantees suitability for all PoE performance levels with the new quality seal PowerSafe. 

48 port panel

48 port panel from R&M for one height unit in the rack

Compact and adaptable LAN distributors are a further basis for modern building infrastructures. At light+building, R&M is presenting a 19‘‘ cabinet showcasing the latest solutions for office buildings and data centers over 42 height units. This includes a new patch panel which accommodates 48 ports of the highest category, Cat. 6A ISO, on a single height unit (1 U). The RJ45 modules can be unlocked on the front in next to no time. Alongside modules for copper cabling, the panel can also accommodate LC Duplex and SC Simplex FO adapters. Users enjoy economic advantages thanks to the diverse possibilities of use of the high density patch panel. 

In any case smart buildings require a broadband connection to the Internet. This is why R&M is engaged in the field of public fiber optic networks (Fiber to the Home, FTTH). At light+building, R&M is presenting a new generation of sturdy, versatile connection boxes. The Polaris-box 6 is used to supply single homes and building complexes with fiber optics. Its area of use ranges from the building entry point on the facade or in the basement through floor distributors to power outlets in offices and apartments. 

The new Polaris-box 6 extends the R&M FTTH solutions in the single and multi dwelling unit segment. The box fulfills all requirements of protection class IP65 resp IP67. 

For 19’’ racks and Optical Distribution Frames (ODF) in network operator hubs as well as for street cabinets, R&M is presenting the modular distributor housing CombiMODULE. It is available in five and ten height units (U). The 5U solution offers space for up to 288 plug or 576 strictly splice connections, while the 10U model can accommodate up to 576 plug and 1,152 splice connections. The housing enables all desired combinations of splice and patch units. 

CombiMODULES are the structural components of the R&Mfoxs range for public fiber optic networks. They fit into all 19" rack spaces, whether at major distribution sites, in data centers, street cabinets, or in FTTH infrastructures. In Frankfurt, R&M is demonstrating solutions for the individual requirements of fiber optic network operators. These include the customer-specific equipping of ODF cabinets as well as solutions for collocation, for GPON infrastructures and also for mixed P2P and P2MP applications in street cabinets. 

CombiMODULE from R&M (5 and 10U) for setting up fiber optic distributors in 19’’ racks and street cabinets. 

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