SPE, based on IEEE’s xBASE-T1 technology, uses a single twisted pair for data transmission and miniaturized connectors. SPE can replace the traditional field bus, helping realize high density, fast connections and ease of installation. SPE has the potential to quickly becoming a key technology in the Internet of Things (IoT) and Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT). R&M considers SPE as an ideal addition to the existing digital Ceiling concept.

To further coordinate developments in the field of SPE, R&M participated in founding the “Single Pair Ethernet System Alliance” with other leading technology companies from different technological backgrounds. R&M also participates in the TIA organized, US based SPEC consortium. In these organizations SPE expertise and knowledge is bundled and exchanged in an open way to promote the technology independent of specific company solutions.

R&M SPE zones

Left: Implementation of SPE in a Digital Ceiling concept with distributed zone SPE switches

Right: Implementation of SPE in a Digital Ceiling concept withcentralized switch with cable sharing of existing links

SPE application overview

Overview of existing SPE application within IEEE