Production halls and manufacturing facilities must be connected to a data network. Companies require real-time information from the warehouse, logistics, and processes. Control and communication, traditional bus systems and universal Ethernet are growing together. New structures are being established between offices, factories, the supply chain, and customers. These are subjected to the toughest requirements and need absolutely reliable cabling. 

Industrial solutions from R&M are suitable for the complete connection of offices and data centers deep into the manufacturing process – whether in factory halls or extensive outdoor facilities. They are able to withstand harsh environmental conditions and meet extreme industrial requirements in terms of safety, availability, cost discipline and efficiency. The modular principle helps the user to react flexibly at all times to new requirements in production. Retrofitting, modifying and expanding is part of the everyday routine for industrial solutions from R&M. 

The R&M solutions offer open standards, standardized cabling, and connection technologies, high performance and bandwidths, and the necessary stability for industrial use. They also offer a range of options for the future.