R&MinteliPhy Sensorbar, mounting kit spare parts (qty 10)


10 pcs

Holders for installing the sensor bar on the R&M HD patch panel.

Scope of Supply

  • 10 holders left

  • 10 holders right

Mechanical Data

Dimensions 150.0 mm x 93.0 mm x 35.0 mm / 5.906 in x 3.661 in x 1.378 in (W x H x D)
Color Code RAL

9005 Jet black


ABS (acrylic butadiene styrene plastics)

  • The RFID reader on the sensor bars reads the information contained on the RFID tags on the patch cords

  • Contactless, galvanically isolated transmission

  • Compatible with the R&M standard HD patch panel

  • Copper or fiber-optic connector

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