Adapter 90° Module RJ45 C6A-EL/s-10


10 pcs

Provides 90 degree cable entry to the shielded Cat. 6A EL module for classic office cabling. Easy to install with solid Cat. 6A performance.

The R&Mfreenet Cat. 6A EL connection modules with 90 degree entry, is perfect for challenging installation situations, particularly shallow outlets, small floor tanks and tight conduits. The bending of the cable can be controlled and does not lead to reduced performance. Provides reliable connection from the cable shield to the RJ45 shield housing.

Scope of Supply

  • 10xRJ45 Cat. 6A EL 90 degree entry, shielded per bag

  • Manual

Technical Data

Standard / norm

ISO/IEC 11801

Protection class IP

IP 20

PoE Yes
Connector class

connection module

Connector type (A)


Category connector (A)

Cat. 6A EL

Mechanical Data



More efficiency

  • Mounted in just a few steps

  • Integrated strain relief

  • Installation not requiring specialized knowledge

More flexibility

  • For all cable types and diameters

  • Can be remounted

  • Compatible with all shielded EL modules

More security

  • Stabel performance

  • R&M warranty program Productive

  • Achieves best transmission characteristics with R&Mfreenet Cat. 6A patch cables

  • Compatible with Cat. 6A standard patch cords and cables

  • Tool-free (w/o special tools)

  • Halogen-free materials

  • PoE and PoE+ compatible

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