All about security

The new data center infrastructure has been up and running since February 2018. It is highly efficient thanks to the copper and fiber R&M solutions installed by Eurico Ferreira, an infrastructure engineering company responsible for the project and a company that is increasingly providing services to the telecommunications and renewable energy sector.

Eurico Ferreira is a key partner of R&M in Portugal and was the driving force behind the installation of R&M products in this project. The relationship between Eurico and R&M is based on professionalism and technical excellence with both companies sharing the same objectives.

With a global supply of Cat. 6A, OM4 FO E2000/APC, and 19” cabinets, the REN Data Center has become a reference model in terms of security ensuring best-in-class data security for all RENTELECOM clients, the telecom network operator of the REN group. The data center covers an area of about 5,000 m2 and includes 1,200 m2 of technical rooms dedicated to the housing of the equipment that hosts the country’s most diverse and critical information and telecommunications systems.

Trusted solutions

For the achievement of the main objective of the project – an increase in network security –, Eurico Ferreira demanded a premium brand with a complete Cat. 6A UTP solution. Once construction was completed, the data center was subjected to thorough commissioning tests and trials to verify its levels of resilience to failures. It has been awarded Tier III certification from the Uptime Institute, making it an infrastructure of reference and technological excellence in Portugal.

We believe that top infrastructures need a premium rand to fulfill every single requirement in terms of technical quality. Our collaboration with R&M has given us the trust to ensure a top security data center.

Manuel Silva, General Director, Eurico Ferreira