This R&M program is created to assure proper and professional installation of the R&Mfoxs system. It supports and encourages professionals involved in the design and installation of Inside Plant and Outside Plant networks. Get more out of your WAN and FTTx network by increasing the reliability and the quality of your projects. Assure yourself of high level satisfied customer value.

We have global network of qualified and certified partners that are part of the R&M family.

  • give customers competent, professional advice on and off site
  • always provides the best suited cabling solution
  • has a compelling and unique knowledge of the WAN/FTTx world

With CIP, R&M ensures multinational customers the same high quality standard worldwide.

If you are involved in small, medium and/or large WAN or FTTx design, planning or installations and wish to be part of CIP, please contact your regional Certified CIP Instructor today

Who takes advantage of CIP?

  • Telco network planners
  • Telco network designers
  • Distributor partners
  • Service personnel
  • Maintenance personnel
  • Users
  • Network administrators
  • Facility managers