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FO Field

Genuine alternative to splicing

Flexibility and cabling freedom

Freedom in fiber optic cabling. R&M’s FO Field gives users independence. The FO Field enables users to complete many projects quickly and fully without any special training, as the process requires significantly less effort than splicing equipment and activities.

First-class performance

The FO Field meets every requirement for high data rates and low attenuation.

Fully tested

The FO Field components are manufactured under cleanroom conditions according to R&M’s exacting quality standards.


Quick mounting technology simplifies the assembly of the FO Field, saves time, and speeds up projects.

Multifunctional connector

True to its modular principle, the FO Field can be combined with all of R&M’s connection and distribution platforms.

Create patch cables yourself

With the FO Field can one proprietary specialist terminate patch cable fast in any desired length or repair broken cables at any time.

An economic solution

Small effort, big results. Choosing the FO Field also means choosing a more economic option.

Your most important benefits

Alternative to splicing

  • Thanks to the superior IL and RL performance usable in any application
  • Easier training compare to splicing, therefore the perfect solution for mass roll-out

Durable solution

  • FO Field is part of the R&Mfreenet program, we guarantee 25 years of lifetime
  • Also applicable for outdoor Application
  • High mechanical durability

Time and cost-saving

  • Competitive pricing compared to pre-assembled pigtails and patch cords
  • Installation in less than 1min
  • Fewer tool costs to start with


Download FO Field Brochure