HR management supports the further development and advancement of all employees through a practical training and education program "R&M Campus," and places a strong emphasis on current requirements.

R&M employees show an acute awareness of our customers' challenging needs. Committed, qualified and health-conscious employees are the basis for the long-term success of the company, as are strong customer focus, enthusiasm, and innovative thinking.

Exceptional performance

R&M maintains a high-performance culture that takes into account the complex requirements of our customers and business partners as well as our own demands. We offer global solutions which meet the highest standards in relation to products, quality, and service.

Applied customer focus

Customer focus is one of R&M's core values. Our business partners' requirements are a top priority for us. We are a competent partner at all levels with an established international reputation and our employees put the benefits for our customers first in everything they do.

Exemplary personnel development – R&M Campus

We do everything we can to enable our employees to make the best use of their abilities and develop further. The more successful we are on the market, the greater the development opportunities for our employees and the business as a whole. With our practical training and education opportunities, performance is always the top priority.

Teamwork – taking joint responsibility

Overall performance is key. Optimum interaction between and within teams and areas – both nationally and internationally – is crucial in achieving success together. The foundations for this are mutual respect, an open and direct communication culture, and opportunities for constructive conflict resolution.


A health awareness program including various measures to promote exercise, relaxation, and nutrition serves to promote universal health awareness among employees. Moreover, R&M guarantees working conditions that protect employees' health.

Voices from R&M

Marilena Della Casa

As Head Corporate HR, ensuring the development of our colleagues at the company is very important to me, as is providing them with the right conditions in which to carry out their roles successfully. The guidelines for our international team are developed at Headquarters and implemented worldwide. A defined system of values at all levels forms the basis for our successful intercultural collaboration.

Marilena Della Casa, Head Corporate Human Resources
Nevanka Djotlo

My work is exciting and I have felt right at home with R&M for many years. Above all, I value the flexible working time model, which makes it possible for me to balance my family life and my work.

Nevenka Djotlo, Manual Assembly
Oliver Eckstein

I joined R&M in 1999 and since then have enjoyed substantial professional development, taking on the role of project manager in 2009. Throughout the years my job has been consistently exciting, diverse, and challenging. Time and again I see how R&M employees really put their heart and soul into their daily work, ensuring that the company remains on the road to success.

Oliver Eckstein, Senior Project Manager
Martin Kellenberger

At R&M I have the opportunity to build close relationships with international customers and meet their needs and requirements with high-quality cabling solutions. Working with colleagues across the world to address these challenges and provide solutions is also a source of cultural enrichment.

Martin Kellenberger, Head of Consultancy