Technically sophisticated and strictly monitored FO components from R&M combined with the certified quality of the manufacturing processes for E-2000™ and high-power patch cords at our customers result in end products that stand the test of time in the most demanding applications.

R&M products stand out thanks to the following qualities:

  • Tuning in 60° steps (→ grade A/B assemblies/high-power assemblies)
  • APC: steeper setting angle of the 2.5 mm ferrules reduces the ceramic surface to be polished, reduces the polishing time and is easier on the polishing equipment
  • Strict tolerances of connector ↔ adapter ↔ connector guarantee minimal scattering across many insertions
  • High-quality plastics and metals guarantee optimal long-term stability and dimensional stability

Connectors from the E-2000™, SC and LC families are compatible with the monitoring system R&MinteliPhy.