Your goal: A single structured solution that makes it easy to maintain your cabling infrastructure, whether your site is an office, building, apartment, a bigger installation like a hotel, recreational facility, social/ health care institution, factory – or even a ship.

Your partner? R&M, of course. Our local area network (LAN) solutions provide planners, installers, and users with end-to-end support for all their data network and communication infrastructure needs, whether these be futureproofed design, trouble-free implementation or high-availability operation.

Our modular R&Mfreenet cabling system lets you configure a complete, quality solution, regardless of the size of your project or a specific application, and also goes that extra step in user-friendliness and ease of installation. All our products are application-neutral and have the ability to manage current and future transmission methods.

R&Mfreenet was designed to be a best-in-class solution and thus surpasses all relevant standards.

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Flexible & equipped for the future

  • Through a consistent modular approach and scalability, all options are open to you.
  • Networks can be adapted at any time to new market developments and site conditions.
  • R&M thinks ahead. Upcoming standards are already covered today.

Innovative & reliable

  • Ingenious fast-assembly technology reduces installation time by as much as 30%.
  • Error-free handling and high operational reliability thanks to training and professional instruction.
  • Quality, prefabricated products, and reliability features increase availability.

Efficient & cost-effective

  • End-to-end compatible systems simplify planning, assembly, and operation.
  • The investments required are reduced by being able to purchase only what is needed to meet specific requirements but also having intelligent scalability in the network rollout.
  • Favorable Capex/Opex ratio, fully justifiable total cost of ownership.

A tailored solution

R&Mfreenet is R&M’s open, modular cabling system for high-end, reliable fiber optic and copper networks. Whatever the purpose, whatever the position in the network: R&Mfreenet is the simple, fast, reliable answer to all your cabling needs. R&Mfreenet components (from individual connector families to entire building cabling systems) are tailored to suit each other in such a way that they always work together. And that’s a guarantee.

High-class networks

Communications networks have brought about permanent changes to our world. The thing that remains constant, though, is our desire for the best, most reliable way to exchange information with each other. This is an area where R&M is making a key contribution. We have set as our goal the development of the most advanced cabling technology for public and private networks.

Continuity and customer focus

Well-known public and private operators of data and communications networks have been placing their trust in R&M’s expertise for decades. Their trust is based on our sophisticated, powerful cabling solutions and the unceasing support we provide to our customers.