R&M On Board is characterized by simple, space-saving and stable installation.
The product characteristics of the R&M connector systems fulfill specific requirements in shipbuilding and operation, such as Power over Ethernet (PoE) or high levels of vibration resistance.
In addition to the portfolio – which has been tested according to DNV-GL and is suitable for use in maritime applications – R&M also offers expert advisory service in the planning phase and training (QPP) for installers.

The operating environment on board requires outstanding product qualities in terms of:

  • Vibration resistance
  • Resistance to high levels of humidity
  • Resistance to salt water/salt spray

R&M’s position as a technology leader in the field of IDC contacts means all of its copper-based plug-in components are optimally tailored for use on the high seas. IDC-contacted connector/cable connections are characterized by:

  • High vibration resistance
  • Simple installation → simple maintenance
  • Optimal suitability for PoE up to 90 W on all plug-in components
  • R&M IDC contacts are suitable for both solid wires and stranded cables

The suitability of the optical connection components for use on board is ensured thanks to the narrow dimensional tolerances and the high levels of dimensional stability when exposed to moisture and weathering.