After years of development in the LAN environment R&M sets out to offer the new LAN standard for future proof installations and data center applications alike. Not only is bandwidth a crucial thing but also the overall costs of any installation. Copper offers some advantages in every field of applications for instance PoE or compatibility due to one single interface the RJ45.


The most important benefits are:

Proven Design

  • Well known by installers and based on iF award-winning design
  • Easy handling, no special tool required


  • Fully backward compatible RJ45 interface
  • Various adapters for outlets and patch panels available
  • Easy migration from 10G to 25G and 40G

Future LAN application

  • One single jack for three different speed zones puts your mind at ease
  • Forward investment for applications to come (e.g. multi WLAN APs)
  • 4PPoE ready