R&M inteliPhy net is your easy to use DCIM solution for asset, capacity and change management. Reduce deployment time and ensure high data quality of your documentation with great IT infrastructure visualization.

Key features and benefits

Asset management

  • Smart model library with detailed model info like U space, dimensions, weight and detailed network port information like connector and medium
  • Drag and drop assets into and within a rack
  • Track and visualize relationships between assets

Connectivity management

  • Automatically validate physical connections and media type – for network and power
  • Visually track cable plant to simplify troubleshooting and maintenance
  • Get an automated real-time view of all links connections, with the AIM package

Capacity management

  • Availability insights on rack space, power outlets on rack PDU, network ports with media and connector match
  • Real-time data for seamless rack space reserving with multiple users on multiple projects
  • Visualize space, power, and network connections

Change management

  • Coordinate activities across independent departmental resources
  • Ensure change management requests are compiled correctly and in a timely manner
  • Make quick reservations or plan deployment scenarios