The revolutionary transmission technology Single Pair Ethernet is crossing the threshold from idea to market maturity. R&M presents the first complete cabling system. Of particular interest: the miniature connectors and jacks.

A pretty short journey

The journey to Single Pair Ethernet was extremely short – in comparison to other major technological developments. The relevant bodies of the international standards organizations began intensive consultations in 2018. Within two years, they adopted the most important standards, although it has to be said that Single Pair Ethernet (SPE) is based on long-established designs and transmission protocols, such as Ethernet/IP.

Nevertheless, it is still a revolution in the world of communication technology and building automation. SPE could well replace traditional field bus technology in many areas. It is coming at just the right time to accelerate the digitalization of building automation and the growth of the Internet of Things (IoT).

Ambitious development

R&M has been promoting Single Pair Ethernet from the very beginning and is highly committed to standardization and technology development. Together with other manufacturers from various industries, R&M founded the Single Pair Ethernet System Alliance in 2020 in order to rapidly drive the technology forward.

We wouldn’t be R&M if we hadn’t ambitiously been working on our own SPE development.

The result is a complete SPE cabling system the connectivity of which meets our uncompromising quality standards. Here too, R&M’s motto counts Connectivity that matters.

Some further advantages: R&M uses IDC technology to terminate the wires. This means there is never a loose connection. A handy strain relief sleeve and a strong cable strain relief ensure optimal operation so that nothing goes wrong when plugging in and unplugging the adapters. The result: long-term operational reliability.

One-stop shopping

The development focused on a consistent overall concept for the SPE channel. The system consists of patch cords, patch panels, connectors, outlets, and installation cables. Users can choose between two connector systems: LC-Cu for building automation and MSP for industrial automation. The LC-Cu jack comes in duplex format, its footprint corresponding to the RJ45 cut-out.

With this SPE cabling system, R&M is one of the first to offer a complete solution from a single source of supply. And this is what you can do with it:

  • Use flexible, slim-line Ethernet/IP cabling over several hundred meters in building automation and industrial automation.
  • Plan infrastructures from a single source for the Internet of Things (IoT), Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT), and other areas of application.
  • Connect many small digital terminal equipment devices, sensors, and actuators used in building technology via plug & play with the LAN, the Internet, and the cloud.
  • Supplement and condense digital ceiling and digital building cabling, using it in different ways and making it ready for future operation.
  • Combine SPE with our modular, scalable cabling system R&Mfreenet. The SPE connection modules fit in R&Mfreenet outlets and panels.

Find out more here about Single Pair Ethernet (SPE) made by R&M.

Find out all about the Single Pair Ethernet System Alliance. The alliance consists of manufacturers of sensors, cables, connectors, measuring devices, chips, switches, and terminal equipment as well as education providers working together to establish SPE in many markets and applications.