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R&M implements cabling solutions for a large array of requirements. Here is a list of companies from various industries with which R&M is working successfully on developing individual solutions.

IT Services


The William Inglis Hotel
Tourism, Sport & Culture

William Inglis & Son Ltd

Raiffeisenbank Czech Republic
Finance & Insurance

Raiffeisen BANK

Czech Republic


Overview of the latest news

Cat. 8.1 System for all Applications

R&M launches universal solution / Up to 40 Gigabit Ethernet in the LAN and data center

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Cabling Smart Buildings

Architects, planners, and investors can really get going. R&M creates the nerve structure for smart buildings. Local data networks, digital ceiling, Power over Ethernet, Single Pair Ethernet and Internet of Things united.

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Faster WLAN with Existing Cabling

R&M releases Class EA installations for 25-Gigabit bandwidth. Favorable infrastructure for the next WLAN generation and distributed antenna systems.

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Overview of the latest events

R&M @ Data Center World Asia 2019

Data Centre World Asia 2019

R&M at the largest and fastest-growing data centre event in Asia!

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