• Place purchase orders with suppliers for the procurement of production material as required by forecast and the production schedule.
  • Monitor status of open purchase orders to ensure on-time delivery of all materials, including timely resolution, communication and mitigation of future potential problems
  • Responsible for obtaining the best supplies or services at the best value
  • Aim to achieve cost reductions while maintaining or improving the quality of supplies and services
  • Assess suppliers’ quality standards and encourage suppliers to integrate their standards with those of R&M USA Inc.
  • Work with quality/engineering managers to set up continuous improvement programs
  • Identify the suppliers that are most important to the success of R&M USA Inc. and negotiate long-term contracts that set out prices, quality standards, cost-reduction targets, delivery timescales, and commercial terms and conditions
  • Monitor the performance of suppliers against contractual standards and work with them to achieve continuous improvements in costs and performance

Tasks / Activities:

  • Examine the amount of money spend in each category of goods and services and use this analysis to identify opportunities for improvement
  • Measure supplier performance and regularly spend time meeting with the most important suppliers to implement improvements
  • Frequently update and add technologies that measurably reduce costs, decrease cycle time, and make the purchasing process more efficient
  • Apply project management practices to map out both recurring activities and one-time projects
  • Regularly document changes that they foresee in price levels, availability, and markets to ensure a competitive advantage for R&M USA Inc.
  • Constantly identify ways to automate, delegate, or eliminate tactical, non-value-added tasks


  • A bachelor’s degree in business or economics
  • Must have 5+ years previous experience in purchasing
  • Extensive knowledge of purchasing to include tactical and strategic purchasing experience
  • Purchasing experience in an MRP environment (SAP) is highly desirable
  • Working knowledge of Microsoft Office
  • Excellent written and verbal communication skills