When large numbers of optical fibers are introduced into the data center, there is a crucial question to be asked: How can they be managed and spliced safely?

R&M USA has the answer and is opening up a new chapter for hyperscale data centers.


The new Building Entrance Facility (BEF 60) splice cabinet outshines conventional building entrance solutions. Its total capacity is 23,040 fiber optic splices. 384 fibers can be spliced and managed in each of its 60 stackable splice drawers. The platform offers a range of unique features which simplify installation, modular expansion and maintenance.

The new developments which R&M has realized with the BEF 60 include:

  • Open architecture: Housing parts and splice trays can be removed. This reduces the assembly weight and also gives installers easy access to the rear wall and cable entries.
  • Wall holders: Stable mounting brackets hold the cabinet. It can be assembled flush with or at a distance from the wall. This leaves space for rear cable entries. Existing conduits can be covered.
  • High Count Fanout Kit (HC FOK): The flat breakout box distributes the fiber bundles of cables with up to 6,912 fibers to the splice trays. A U-shaped guide takes care of fiber distribution and protects the fibers. The kits can be stacked and are assembled in the rear wall.
  • SD-08 splice drawer: A transparent plastic cover protects the fibers. During servicing, all an engineer has to do is look through the cover to assess the situation in the tray.
  • Convenient installation: The cable entry ports can be removed and split. This means the cables can be inserted and secured in next to no time. Time-consuming threading through holes is no longer necessary.

Finally: The BEF can be stacked. The new R&M solution solves the problem of cramped space in the data center and maximizes the permissible length of cables coming from the outside. The rigid high count fiber cables are attached to the wall and, if required, inserted into the BEF through the rear wall. In this way, up to 100,000 splices can be accommodated in a very limited space.

About R&M

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