R&M, the global Swiss developer and provider of cabling systems for high-quality network infrastructures, is adding new options for equipping fiber-optic distributors. Distributor housings in two sizes are now available for 19" standard racks and street cabinets. The KombiMODULE can be purchased in five and ten height units (U). The 5 U solution is new to the range and offers space for up to 288 plug or 576 strictly splice connections, while the 10 U model can accommodate up to 576 plug and 1 152 splice connections.

The two-part KombiMODULE housing enables all desired combinations of splice and patch units. KombiMODULEs can be equipped with ODF patch and splitter inserts as well as distributor trays from R&M's Single Circuit Management (SCM) system. R&M recommends E-2000™*, SC, or LC adapters for the plug connections as required.

Both the 5 U and 10 U versions of the KombiMODULE fit perfectly into all 19" infrastructures. Together they form the "structural components" of the R&Mfoxs range for public fiber-optic networks. The two distribution modules also fit into all 19" rack spaces, whether at major distribution sites, in data centers, in street cabinets, or in FTTH infrastructures.

The new ODF modules are also available as a strictly cable-to-cable splicing solution for up to 576/1 152 fibers. It consists of two separately lockable, swiveling splice units with stress-free, low-movement fiber routing. It offers convenient handling with direct access to the SCM trays and fibers. Fibers can be transferred easily from the left-hand to the right-hand splice unit via a direct connection.

The SCM tray system from R&M enables straightforward fiber management. The carrier tray can be folded out and serves as a work table during installation and maintenance. A minimum fiber bending radius of 40 mm is guaranteed in all versions.

* E-2000™, manufactured under license from Diamond SA, Losone

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